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Bag & specialist leather repairs

With our specialist leather repair service, we undertake all types of repairs on bags and leather goods/shoes.

We currently supply a number of major high street  stores  with quality repairs to purses, bags, shoes, jackets, belts and so on.  The type of repairs are holes, tears, open stitches, resizing, new lining, new zips, new runners, new rivets and studs, backlinings in shoes (the inside of the back of your shoe).  We even undertake some student designs that they themselves cannot construct.

We even re-size shoes by re-lasting them ourselves, so please just remember that even if it looks beyond repair, lets us see if we can work our magic and bring your goods back to their former glory.

Re-building shoes, making new straps for shoes that never once had them, creating your designs, relining bags, samsonite repairs, all suitcase repairs, waterproof zips, re-designing a substantially damaged item to make it look like a factory finish.

We insert elastic into boots too narrow and also insert zips.  Boots that are too wide can also be tapered in and altered to the thinnest of legs.

We regularly shorten boots to give people that something they feel needs changed or perhaps that is missing and provide a little more individualitly.

We can re-cover those torn and chewed heels and in any colour you wish. With have 40 different colours of patent leather and 100 leather finishes.

Leather/Suede Dying

Whilst we offer this time consuming service we suggest that most shoes be dyed black or brown unless you have a very light colour to start with as it cannot always reach our wanted standard.  The process can take a week as the shoes are treated daily and multiple coats of dye are applied and left 24 hours each time.