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Locksmiths, Key cutting and electronic door entry fobs

The Fresh Collection has been offering the service of duplicating keys for near 30 years and have developed skills in copying keys and offering duplications with a high rate of success.  We say this as believe it or not the process is not as simple as it seems but with the correct methods, machinery and processes in place we can offer the most accurate of key cutting services.

We can offer Multi lock keys, most high security keys, electronic door entry fobs, fire brigade keys, banham keys, yale keys, schlage keys, union keys, LF keys, wardrobe keys and many older vehicle keys.  Some keys might take 24 hours to arrive after purchase in store.

Most Council and Local authority buildings as well as offices and small blocks have entry fobs these days and we can off their duplication in most stores.
We have a key reading device in several stores which allows us to read keys you cannot normally copy anywhere due to ceased manufacturing.  We cannot read these and make them from scratch for you.

We can now offer keys cut to code.  Which means you just pop into us, provide us with the numbers on the lock itself and we can create a new key for you.
This applies to desks, drawers, locker keys, post boxes, filing cabinets and alike.

For your key cutting or key copying needs we have thousands of different types of keys in each store and what must be hundreds of thousands at our HQ.

Pop in and have a seat, listen to some choice up lifting music while waiting for your keys to be duplicated or pop back later when you're ready.

Either way, we are happy to help.