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At the Fresh Collection we obviously take pride in looking after your shoes and generally always give them a little clean with any service bought.

Most products that we use ourselves and plenty more, are available to buy in store.

We stock, Saddle soap, Dubbin, Patent cleaning spray, Stretching spray, Protector sprays and Suede renovating colour sprays.

All your standard polishes are available and then we stock leather creams of many colours to match those hard to find colours of leather dye.  These are mostly from Paris and Lisbon and whilst allowing you to get some colour back into the leather they also feed the leather and help keep it supple.

For those shoes you only take out on the best occasions or for those of you that might be collectors, we sell Executive full wooden shoe trees.  These help the shoes life span tremendously by keeping away those wear creases and just helps to keep them pristine.

Just pop in and ask one of our experts and we will recommend the right product for the right item.