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Fresh Collection has been undertaking the repair of shoes in its store and factories for near 30 years.  We offer a comfortable while you wait service at the bars in each store where you can sit and relax or have a chat whilst waiting for your shoes to be returned to you fully repaired, altered and polished.

No request is too little or too large.   Customers visit us daily with their new purchases to protect their investment by placing the thinnest of finest Italian quality rubber sole over the top of their existing sole.  The key benefits of this are extra grip where there might have been none, to limit wear and tear and (with some very thin leather soles) they help keep the shape of your shoe.

All shoes are inspected and recommendations are always made if necessary.
Certain jobs where more time is needed, our sales staff will inform you of exactly how the job will be completed, the cost and by when.

We re-last shoes to different sizes, shorten the height of boots, insert elastic and zips where there were none, re-dye, re-line and all types of patching, rips and stitching.

Dainite, Timberland and vibram full replacement rubber units for all makes of shoes from Berluttis, Prada, Gucci, Churches to Russell and Bromley, Poste, Nike etc.
Our replacement Leather sole service is second to none and the Fresh Collection employs shoe makers across its stores and factories as well as Shoe repairers as there is a difference in the knowledge and the finished product.
Fresh Collection has two types of Leathers on offer to customers.  The first is generally the same quality as manufacturer’s originals and the premium grade is of slightly darker appearance and offers better wear, better durability and increased water resistance.

We can replace the whole heel block on ladies stiletto shoes and boots, where they might have snapped ,become worn or beyond repair.
Where there have been very high stiletto shoes in excess of 5 inches high we have been one of the only companies in England to repair the item.


We repair all types of military footwear including:
General Service boots, Officers parade shoes, Highland brogues, Military bandsmen boots, Mess Wellington's, Chelsea boots, K.M.S boots, Jack Boots, Blues and Royals, and Lifegards.
Repairs we under take include:
Sole replacement, heel replacement, double tap, re-studing with single triple and penny studs, fitting heel-toe plates, eyelets, new zips, replacing elastic panels,refitting spur rests, fitting spur box and spur tubes, re footing Jack boots, re-welting and so much more.

Riding Boots Repair:

We repair and restore riding boots of all shapes and sizes. In addition to re-soling and re-heeling, we offer a wide range of alterations including fitting zips, inserting elastic gusset panels and altering the length of the calf.
Ankle Boots Repair:
We can re-sole, re-heel and replace the elastic gusset in all ankle boots.

Riding Chaps:

We repair/replace zips, straps, elastics, poppers and rivets to refurbish your Riding Chaps to their former glory.

Protective Soles and Tips:

Horse sweat and manure are very aggressive on leather soles and make the leather very brittle to avoid this we can fit full length, thin rubber protective soles to your existing soles. This protects the stitches and prolongs the life of the original sole.when its worn out we simply replace it with a fresh protective sole.It lasts as long as an untreated sole but about a third the cost.

This service is common to metropolitan police and are fitted as part of there health and safety procedure.